The Cost of Living in Punta del Este: Is it Affordable?

Uruguay is one of the safest countries in Latin America, and Punta del Este is one of the safest places in Uruguay. It is a popular beach resort, offering a wide range of accommodation options to suit different budgets. From apartments to single-family homes, there is something for everyone. The cost of living in Punta del Este for two people with an average consumption for one month is 960.46 USD, not including rent.

Although it is more expensive than other Uruguayan resorts, it is still possible to live here at a reasonable cost. For those who enjoy the outdoors, Punta del Este offers plenty of activities such as golf, tennis, cycling and running. It is also home to Gorlero, the main street of Punta del Este, the “Fashion Route”, the Plaza de Artesanos, the lighthouse and the marina. The wide and gentle coastline, the blue water and the dazzling buildings that rise on the Punta del Este peninsula paint a beautiful picture.

In short, Punta del Este offers an excellent lifestyle with plenty of activities and amenities. When it comes to taxes, property taxes tend to be lowest in Maldonado. However, it is important to note that almost everyone considers Pinares to be part of Punta del Este. When you reach the top of the Punta Ballena hill, the view of Punta del Este in the distance will make you stop and wonder. Overall, living in Punta del Este can be affordable if you choose your accommodation wisely. There are plenty of activities and amenities available for full-time residents and tourists alike.

The stunning views and excellent lifestyle make it a great place to live.

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