Exploring the Wineries and Vineyards of Punta del Este

Pueblo Edén is a small town in Maldonado, Uruguay, known for its rural environment and rugged terrain. It is also home to Viña Edén, a winery that offers a unique experience with its own restaurant that focuses on organic and local products and daily wine tastings. The nearby city of Punta del Este is the main market for wineries in Uruguay, most of which are small family-owned businesses. Bodega Oceánica, Viña Edén, and Cerro del Toro are just a few of the many wineries in the area. For many years, family vacations to Uruguay consisted of visiting Buenos Aires and then flying to Punta del Este.

This coastal city is home to one of the main wine producers in Uruguay, with an interesting range of wines from vineyards in Montevideo, Canelones, and Maldonado. In Montevideo, visitors can enjoy an exceptional barbecue at one of the Mercado del Puerto steakhouses before heading to José Ignacio. In 2001, a young couple decided to leave their financial jobs in the city and start a new adventure in the unspoiled terrain of a popular whale watching viewpoint near Punta del Este. This first harvest of Albariño showed the potential of this extreme site on the slopes of Cerro del Toro in Piriápolis, just two kilometers from the sea.

Tourists can explore the best of the Atlantic coast region on a private afternoon tour that visits a small winery for lunch with wine pairings. On one side of Punta del Este is the glitzy seaside resort with luxurious hotels and casinos, while on the other side is extensive farmland with modest houses and small villages. Visitors can enjoy some of the best wines in Uruguay while admiring the rolling vineyards at Sacromonte Landscape Hotel near Pueblo Edén. The Pinot Noir Rosé from this winery is a great summer drink, full of floral and red fruit aromas. Pizzorno Family Estates is one of the oldest wineries in Uruguay, dating back to 1910. It has been caring for 21 hectares of vineyards for four generations. Tourists can also visit Hotel Conrad, which is famous for its casino.

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