A Guide to Halal Food Options in Punta del Este

Are you looking for halal food options in Punta del Este? Look no further! This guide will provide you with all the information you need to find the best halal food places, restaurants and buffets in Uruguay. If you're looking for a snack or a good coffee after a day at the beach, Felix Caffè (Pedragosa Sierra and Av. The complete tea for two people includes rolls, hot sandwiches, tartlets and tartlets, all prepared on site. These delicacies can be enjoyed indoors, in their garden (they offer warm blankets for cold nights) and they also offer takeaway food.

If dinner with tea is your plan, there are also sandwiches, tortillas, cocktails, wine and sparkling wines. In the last decade, there have been high quality gastronomic options that make the visit worthwhile beyond the price. La Cantina del Vigía (Zelmar Michelini 744 Tel. is one of these places.

Here you can find homemade pizzas and pasta as well as seafood dishes. Don't forget to try their sweet milk volcano on the dessert menu - it's one of the best in Uruguay! Punta del Este has a reputation for having high prices and among regular tourists it is common to travel several nights to the city of Maldonado to enjoy a cheaper menu. However, if Punta del Este is considered one of the best tourist centers, the José Ignacio area would be the best of the best; there, the one you cannot miss is the Parador La Huella (Calle de Los Cisnes, Playa Brava, Tel. Owned by Agustín Benítez and Federico Desseno -the latter is also the creator of the Marismo restaurant in José Ignacio-, and with a menu designed by chef Fernando Trocca, La Cantina del Vigía has two wood ovens from which the delicacies of the sea and the countryside come out.

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