Celebrities Who Have Visited Punta del Este

Punta del Este is a popular summer destination for celebrities such as James Hetfield, Shakira, Zinédine Zidane and Ralph Lauren. The El Jagüel airport, located close to Punta del Este and Maldonado, is used by small private planes. Real estate activity has become an important part of the economy of Punta del Este. Recently, an Arab millionaire arrived at the Laguna del Sauce airport with a group of nine women and four men.

Punta del Este has an oceanic climate with pleasant summers and cool winters. The Grand Hotel in Punta del Este hosted a live art exhibition that ended in José Ignacio with a cocktail party and auction of “Great Masters of Art and Emerging Artists” at the Hotel Conrad. Many famous people have visited, resided or purchased vacation properties in Punta del Este and its surroundings. Gorlero Avenue is the main avenue of Punta del Este and offers shopping galleries, restaurants, cinemas, casinos and shops.

The beaches are a favorite spot for young people and celebrities from Uruguay and Argentina. Punta del Este can be reached from Buenos Aires by ferry to Montevideo (the capital) and then by car or bus. In the 1980s, Punta del Este experienced an unprecedented real estate development called the “construction boom” in the burgeoning spa. Adventure seekers can enjoy mountain sports bikes on the move or hunting in the nearby fields.

The first Europeans to set foot in what is now Punta del Este were the Spanish in the early 16th century. It later became known internationally as a tourist center for Latin and North American jet setters and tourists. The Punta del Este Yacht Club offers a sailing school for young people and adults to learn basic sailing knowledge. The San Fernando 10 km international race on January 6 connects Maldonado and Punta del Este.

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